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My Buenos Aires Apartments General Conditions
All the apartments that integrate the portfolio of My Buenos Aires Apartments, have been previously selected by personnel of the company. All of them are completely furnished and equipped with complete sets of dishes and white goods. Most of the apartments that are published in this site can be booked for a minimum stay of 1 week.

In other cases we admit minimum stays of 1 week or more, which is specified precisely. My Buenos Aires Apartments is in charge of all the proceedings of reservation of the apartment for the period arranged by the guest. In case of any unexpected situation affecting the property previous to the arrival of the guest which makes his/her stay impossible there, My Buenos Aires Apartments offers to: 1) re locate the person in another apartment with similar characteristics and comfort, available on the date of the trip, or 2) Return the money paid for the reservation.

Reservations are made through the payment of 20% of the stay. In case the guest had to cancel the reservation already made, the money that was paid is not refundable, unless the cancellation had taken place 30 days in advance, In that case an 50% of the amount paid for the reservation wold be returned.

At the time of the arrival of the guest, according to the arranged schedule, the owner of the apartment or a representative of My Buenos Aires Apartments, receives him/her in the rented property where the contract of the rented apartment and the attached inventory will be signed. After paying the rest of the stay and the corresponding guarantee deposit, the guest receives the keys of the apartment and some relevant information about the owner for any requirement related to the property.

Handing over of the apartment: some days before the conclusion of the contract, the guest will have to contact My Buenos Aires Apartments to arrange a time for delivery of the apartment, to Return the keys and to receive the guarantee deposit, after checking the corresponding inventory and general state of the apartment.

Temporary rent contracts can not be deferred. They have an initial date and a termination date, for that reason if the guest wished to prolong his /her stay in the rented apartment, he/she would have to communicate it to My Buenos Aires Apartments with the necessary anticipation for the preparation of a new contract for the new period that will be agreed and to make sure that the property is not reserved by another guest. The amounts paid for the rent are not refundable. If the guest wished to shorten his stay, the payment already made would not be refunded. Therefore, we recommend our guests to make the reservation for the period in which you will surely occupy the apartment and to hire the apartment for the additional time that will be necessary after that.

Check in: 2PM
Check out: 10AM
If a guest arrived before 2PM and the property were vacated, the guest could occupy it without paying an additional cost. If the apartment were occupied, the guest would have to wait until the schedule time for check in. Unless we specified it, the prices published in this site include the expenses of the building, municipal expenses, taxes, water, light, gas and cable TV. In some cases, when it is specified, the price also includes room service with the frequency indicated in each case. The inclusion of this service of cleaning in the price of the rent does not release the guest of the obligation to leave the apartment in the same conditions of hygiene in which it was received.

The renter will have to leave a deposit in cash equivalent to:
a) If the stay is the same or less than 2 weeks: The equivalent for 1 week of rent.
b) If the stay is between 2 weeks and a month: The equivalent for 2 weeks of rent.
c) If the stay is a month: The equivalent for 2 weeks of rent.
d) If the stay is longer than a month: The equivalent for a month of rent.